These days I’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to Golang and Terraform, so it’s completely natural that I wanted to make the two play nice together when deploying to AWS Lambda. Which is what I did.

I’ve played around with tools such as Serverless Framework, but I decided would rather do it all in Terraform as Cloudformation (which Serverless Framework utilises when deploying to AWS) is slower and with many limitations. Plus, I think it’s good to use fewer tools where possible.

Most recently, I decided to write a Terraform module that makes an AWS Eventbridge catchall…

Imputation of null values with a machine learning algorithm is a rather interesting technique, and offers greater milage compared to imputing null values with the mean or mode for continuous or categorical data, respectively. Imputation with machine learning involves the following:

  1. Fit and test a model on your target variable.
  2. Subset your data by the feature you want to impute into rows containing null values and rows not containing null values. This feature is now your new target.
  3. Fit a second model on the subset of rows without null values, classifying or predicting the target feature (depending on if feature…

With the end of week three, I am already a quarter of the way through the General Assembly Data Science Immersive bootcamp. This week, the cohort again covered a combination of statistics (t-tests, chi-squared tests of independence, Cohen’s d, and more), as well as more pandas and SQL.

Over this past week, I encountered a tricky problem. A dataframe had a column named order_id, which contained repeated values (see left). The objective was to create a sub_id column, which indexed the line(s) within each order_id. I solved this problem by looping if-else statements, which checked that the order_id from the…

Like most everyone, I enjoy almost all kinds of music and have opinions. When I find a song or album that is really good, my tendency is to revisit it every few months for a couple of years. Or until I burnout on it. My taste in music might be a bit out there to some (to each their own), but I would argue that it’s probably great music. As such, I’m going to share what I consider to be some very good songs.

The Clash, Junco Partner: Junco Partner is a cover of a song from the 1950s by…

In week two of General Assembly’s Data Science Immersive course, the cohort covered basic statistic principals (such as the Central Limit Theorem, Confidence Intervals, and Z-scores), in addition to covering Pandas, Data Visualization, and sqlite3 / postgreSQL.

Instead of doing a full recap of the week (which could only be extensive), I think it would be best to go through some of the useful things I picked up with pandas. These were my solutions to problems I encountered while processing data using what I learned in class.

Print the head and tail of a DataFrame with one command using np.r_

Feeding np.r_ slices of the first and last five indices generates a single…

2017 has been a milestone of a year. At the end of January, I decided to make two drastic changes in my life. I quit my cozy finance job in New York of two and a half years (shortly after receiving a promotion), and I moved to Melbourne with a one-year working-holiday visa.

I am very happy with both decisions. Australia has been a constant source of positive thinking and new experiences. Australia has also been a great outlet for traveling, especially since I have never visited this part of the world. The experiences have been eye-opening and completely worth…

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